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CareChamp has made it easy for clients to buy or rent mobility aids by offering a hassle-free, user-friendly online shop.

As with everything else that CareChamp does, the mobility aids available are of the highest quality.

CareChamp also offers a high standard of disabled care, Alzheimer’s care and elderly frail care, backed by the use of the latest technology to make hiring caregivers or companions simple and effective.

The management team at CareChamp ALSO uses this technology to simplify the administrative tasks, so that the client is able to leave this all in their very capable, professional hands.

This means that CareChamp is able to do in-depth background checks into all caregivers, which is easier for the management team to do than it would be for the client.

All caregivers are required to have police clearance certificates and health certificates, giving clients the peace of mind to know that their loved one will be safe and well cared for.

CareChamp was established in order to assist elderly frail and disabled people to remain in the comfort and security of their own home, and the management team has made it as easy as possible to get the highest level in home care.

Depending on the state of health of the client, the range of mobility aids available are yet another step towards making clients comfortable in every sphere where it comes to assisting with mobility, which goes a long way to allowing an elderly frail parent to retain as much independence as possible.

A full range of mobility aids and furniture are available online from CareChamp:

Mobility aids in general

Independence is one of the first hurdles anyone will have to face when coping with a physical disability, or recovering from an operation that manifests in a way that restricts movement.

With this inability to retain as much independence as possible, there is also a measure of dignity that anyone would understandably want to maintain for as long as possible.

Loss of dignity and independence often leads to frustration, depression and anxiety on the part of the person struggling to get about as they did before an operation or debilitating illness.

These are two very important reasons to invest in the right mobility aids for care in the home, whether a loved one is able to remain in their own home or will be cared for by the family.

Mobility aids that assist to make bathing safe and comfortable

If given a choice, nobody wants to give up the sense of privacy that comes with having a shower or using the bathroom unassisted, especially when maintaining a healthy routine for personal hygiene.

This is where mobility aids for the bathroom can make all the difference to someone struggling to get around.

Because our bones become more brittle as we age, slipping in the shower or as we try to get out of a bath becomes really dangerous, as bones no longer knit as they used to.

Having hand rails to assist with getting out of the bath is essential for elderly frail people, and CareChamp has a range of Grab Bars available to make bathing safer.

A Portable Bath Step is yet another addition that makes bathing far less stressful for elderly people battling with mobility issues.

Showering also becomes safer with the use of a Shower Chair, making the world of difference for anyone still able to maintain personal hygiene on their own.

With various Commodes on offer from CareChamp, dignity can also be maintained to a greater degree than it might be if an elderly frail or disabled person requires toilet assistance.

Mobility aids in general

Wheelchairs for sale or to hire available from CareChamp come in every shape, from standard and electric wheelchairs to Mobie Scooters. The right cushion is also essential for anyone using a wheelchair, and to meet this need CareChamp supplies Memory Foam Wheelchair cushions and Gel Seat Foam cushions. 

Beds, mattresses and side rails

The right bed will make all the difference to the comfort of any patient who is either bedridden or in need of comfort to combat a physical disability.

People who are bedridden need a mattress that’ll help to prevent bed sores, which can cause a lot of discomfort and pain that could be avoided through the use of the right bed or overlay.  Beds for sale or to rent range from Sheep skin, Egg box style, Mattress Overlays to Anti-Bedsore Mattresses.

The range of beds includes overlays that assist greatly in making anyone who spends a great deal of time in bed as comfortable as possible. These overlays mean you don’t have to buy a special bed in order to make life comfortable for your loved one.

Speak to CareChamp

If you aren’t sure which of the mobility aids are the right ones to suit your loved one, and to make them comfortable, contact the management team at CareChamp to provide you with the best information to assist you in making an informed decision.