Tailored care plans to suit your pocket for quality home-based caregiver & nursing services.


Many South African families are at a loss when it comes to taking an elderly, frail or disabled parent into their home, while at the same time managing their role as breadwinners.

We want our parents to be safe in the home, whether it’s still in their own home, or in ours.

In fact, having the conversation with an elderly parent either about leaving their home for ours, or accepting the help of a caregiver, is one of the most difficult to have.

Certain daily chores and activities become more difficult to manage alone, especially for frail elderly people and those with disabilities brought about by illness.

Bringing a stranger into the home as a caregiver is a daunting prospect for anyone.  If you’re working and managing a household, constantly worrying about your parent alone at home will have a negative impact on your ability to function normally.

This is why CareChamp has gone to great lengths to offer tailored care plans for elderly frail and disabled people staying at home, rather than in a frail care facility.

Unless you work from home, it’s impossible to escape the persistent worry about the safety of your loved one at home, which is when you need the assistance of a trusted caregiver.

What’s also important is that the caregiver you’ve chosen will be able to establish a compassionate level of communication with someone who’s ageing, frail or disabled.

How does CareChamp establish the trustworthiness of caregivers in their portfolio?

The management team has combined many years’ worth of experience in home health care with business technology as a foundation for their commitment to quality caregiving and home-based nursing services in Cape Town.

Based on this experience, the CareChamp management team is able to do in-depth checks into the background of caregivers and companions, ensuring that each member of the team also has police and health clearance certificates.

Certification and ongoing training as part of the CareChamp ethos:

Despite the fact that all caregivers at CareChamp train for 12 months at NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd before gaining certification and further experience, these caregivers continue with ongoing training as members of the team.

This is, in part, what ensures that CareChamp caregivers are able to take an innovative approach to assist clients to feel comfortable and safe.

Communication and mindfulness:

Being a caregiver to a frail elderly person, or one with disabilities requires open communication and mindfulness on the part of the caregiver.  The client deserves to feel that they’re being heard and that their caregiver is mindful of the environment in their home.

CareChamp caregivers respect the individual needs of each client. Their role is also to protect the valuables of the client and to ensure that security is kept in mind at all times.

Affordable caregiver and home-based nursing services:

Every client is different, as is every budget, hence the tailored care plans that can be put in place to keep your loved one safe at home in comfort, as well as to offer assistance on a part and long-term basis.

You may only need someone to come in a few hours or a couple of days a week, whether to give you and your family a bit of time to relax, time to keep up with managing a home and family.

Please contact CareChamp today to find out what they can do to create a tailored home care plan to suit your family and budget.

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