Call on CareChamp to lend a helping hand in caring for an aging parent at home.


Words and expressions such as safety, security, trust, high level of qualification and experience, confidentiality and exceptional care, are what have made CareChamp the leading caregivers and home based nursing agency in Cape Town.

The home based care services provided and coordinated by a management team at CareChamp are fully comprehensive, including dementia care, disabled care and post-operative care.

CareChamp also has awesome companions available to bring further quality of life to the elderly, especially when social activities become impossible to continue alone.

The commitment to raising the standards of home care for the aged to the highest standard in South Africa, serves as a confidence-inspiring reputation for any family seeking assistance in caring for an elderly loved one at home through CareChamp.

The foundation of CareChamp was based on a determination to assist elderly frail people to remain at home as long as possible, until it becomes necessary for the family to take up the role of caregivers.

For many families, the thought of simply tucking their frail elderly parent into a residential care facility is simply out of the question.

It’s not only love that can motivate the decision to take the major responsibility of caring for a loved one who is frail, disabled or living with dementia, but a way of giving back to a parent for a lifetime of love and care. 

The exorbitant costs of frail care facilities and the uncertainty surrounding the quality of care your parent will be given have become two of the major motivating factors for becoming caregiver to a beloved parent as the roles reverse between parent and adult child.

Disability brought on by illness makes the admirable task of providing the right type of disabled care required an experience that will require a major chunk of patience, compassion and love, especially on the really difficult days when the struggle to adjust becomes hard for the parent.

And there will be very rough days, which is made worse if the member of the family that’s taken on the role of caregiver becomes burned out. 

This puts tremendous strain on the relationship between parent and child, a relationship that has more than likely already started changing, especially if the deterioration of a parent becomes rapid.


The fight to hold on to as much independence as possible on the part of an aging parent, weighed against the desire to care by the adult child, can easily become an emotional battle field.

The relationship becomes even more strained when dementia is added to physical frailty, leading to frustration and anger on the part of both parent and caregiver in the family.

Watching a parent lose treasured memories, forgetting how to dress or do simple tasks associated with personal hygiene is as heart-breaking for the family caregiver as it is for the aging parent to accept at the onset of dementia.

Many families lose out on the opportunities to take weekend breaks, or to enjoy the family tradition of yearly holidays, which puts further strain not only on the caregiver, but on the whole family.

This does not have to be the case, nor does any caregiver have to carry the load alone. There is outstanding support available from CareChamp to make everything so much easier under these circumstances.

A word about costs;  the cost of bringing in a caregiver, whether on a permanent, semi-permanent or flexible basis is minimal, when compared with costs associated with frail care institutions or those that offer disabled or dementia care.

CareChamp is always available to lend a helping hand when it is most needed.  If a caregiver does not reach for support, there is often a spiral that begins which can lead to loss of interest in things that were once enjoyed.

Attending depression, anxiety, fear and frustration that can easily be translated to anger, which is entirely human under the circumstances, with the unfortunate effect of adding unnecessary guilt to the rest.

These emotions are virtually impossible to avoid when caring for an aging parent, yet many adult children that have taken on the role of caregiver often feel as if they are failing and should not experience these kinds of emotions.

Nothing could be farther from the truth, unless the caregiver has achieved sainthood!

Contact the experienced, professional management team at CareChamp, to introduce you to a very special team of caregivers who, with exceptional training and experience, can make all the difference to the major responsibility of caring for a loved one at home.

The peace of mind felt when knowing that a parent is safe at home when the family is at work is priceless, while time away on holidays, so vital to the health of all, remain a stress-free experience, making the care of an aging parent so much easier.