CareChamp takes a multi-faceted approach to frail care for people living at home.


To the management team and caregivers at CareChamp, frail care is about far more than tending to the physical needs of elderly people.

They take an approach that goes far deeper than merely providing assistance with day to day functions for the frail.

The home care offered by CareChamp is driven by a passion on the part of the team to set the bar as high as possible for home care in South Africa.

To do this, they’ve provided clients with the security and safety of knowing that every caregiver at CareChamp has met with strict qualification requirements, as well as other important screening processes.

These processes would include deep background checks as well as police and health clearance checks. 

A commitment to continuing training is also part of the ethos that’s made CareChamp a trusted name in home care in all the major centres in South Africa.

Now that you know a little bit more about CareChamp, let’s look at what their multi-faceted approach to frail care is.

Physical Assistance:

Physical assistance is an absolute necessity for any person who can no longer cope with certain day to day functions. This is where highly trained caregivers are able to offer the best assistance.

Once a care plan has been set in place, your CareChamp caregiver can assist with personal hygiene and grooming. They’ll assist clients with the small but important details such as hair care, mouth care, and shaving as well as nail care.

Grooming is important for anyone that’s frail, it goes to their sense of wellbeing and dignity, and CareChamp caregivers understand this completely.

Should a client need assistance in the bathroom or with a bed baths, CareChamp caregivers are fully trained to do this with a complete respect for the privacy of the client.

CareChamp caregivers are fully trained to assist clients with any mobility exercises that’ll improve the quality of their life, as well as being trained to be able to lift and move clients to relieve any physical discomfort.

Aside from these physical aspects, which also include meal preparation if required and light housekeeping, CareChamp caregivers also take an innovative approach towards the psychological impact that frailty has on the elderly.

Improving quality of life:

When anyone feels truly cared for, it’s inevitable that a relationship of trust will develop, which is why the management team at CareChamp encourages caregivers to be innovative in their approach to frail care.

The loss of physical abilities in elderly frail people causes immense psychological and emotional strain, which means that any caregiver offering assistance has to take an intuitive, sensitive approach towards the client.

Aside from the physical presence of a caregiver, the company, companionship and care shared between caregiver and client is incredibly valuable to those who are either housebound or bedridden.

It really does improve the quality of life for frail people to have company during a time that is usually terribly isolated. Depression and anxiety can also be minimised by the presence of a compassionate caregiver.

This is exactly why the team at CareChamp is passionately committed to providing multi-faceted frail care that addresses more than just the physical aspect of frailty.

Please contact CareChamp to find out more about their frail care, dementia care and disabled care services to ensure that you or a loved one have the highest standard of home care in South Africa!