Professional Caregivers vs Private Caregivers


Looking for a caregiver doesn’t have to be as stressful as people make it out to be. From reducing your own stress levels and having the ability to ensure your loved one receives the correct care they need, these are just two of the great benefits. When it comes to hiring a caregiver, one should know the benefits of working through a professional company offering caring services in comparison to hiring a private caregiver.

Your Loved Ones Will Always Have Assistance

When working through an affiliated and professional caregiver company such as CareChamps, you’ll never have to worry about your caregiver missing a shift. With a team of caregivers on hand, a flexible schedule with stable hours can be put together to ensure your loved ones has the assistance they need. Life happens and with everyone having their own emergencies to attend to, if your carer is unable to attend work, we can assist with a stand in carer.

Private Caregivers Don’t Have Back Up Staff

When hiring a carer privately, you run the risk of your loved one being without assistance should they not be able to come to work for whatever reason. This will add unnecessary stress not only on your loved one but on yourself to ensure you’re able to find someone to stand in.

If you hire someone privately, there isn’t anyone you can reach out to for assistance when your carer isn't able to make their shift to rest. This will result in you probably suffering from carer burnout and force you to stop working.

Maintain Good Work/Life Balance for Your Carer

Becoming a carer isn’t an easy task and with there being numerous agencies out there, they don’t focus any time on employee wellness. As much as its important for your loved ones to get seen to, caregivers also require a time out every now and again.

At CareChamps, all our carers are qualified, and we have the necessary support in place which allows all our carers to reach out when they are feeling overwhelmed or need a break. Our caregivers also have the option of reaching out to us when they are required to learn a new skill to take care of a patient.