What can CareChamp do to help you care for aging relatives who want to stay at home?


CareChamp, run by a management team who have combined their own experience in private hospitals and home nursing placements with business technology, have gone to every length to make assisting families with aging relatives as stress-free as possible.

The result is a team that is able to offer many different options designed to offer the best in homecare to suit your loved one’s life, one that is of a better quality in the latter years of their lives.

The quality of services provided by the highly trained caregivers, companions and professional, registered nurses who form part of the CareChamp portfolio have already earned this team a well-deserved 5 Star rating.

The drive to provide the highest standard in homecare services has made CareChamp the most trusted team for the provision of tailored solutions at affordable rates, designed to suit the individual care requirements of all clients.

Services offered by CareChamp include:

·       Dementia Care

·       Disabled Care

·       Hospital to home care

·       Wound care

·       Frail Care

·       Post-Operative Care

·       Companionship for the elderly

CareChamp Dementia Care – an example of what to expect of just one service:

Watching someone you love start declining in terms of their mental abilities, and the vulnerability they themselves start experiencing, the need for patience, support and reassurance becomes difficult to deal with if you are the sole caregiver.

This is why CareChamp is dedicated to making the lives of the patient and the family as easy as possible by offering support for their daily needs, as well as having the experience to deal with the challenges of the progression of dementia.

If you still need to keep working, CareChamp is able to offer a permanent caregiver, and, if all you need is a few hours or a weekend off, there will be a Champ available to fill in for you while you catch your breath.

Issues such as bathroom assistance, grooming, medication reminders and ensuring that your loved one’s nutritional needs are met are all important factors when supporting a loved one with Dementia.

Dementia care includes meal preparation as well as assisting clients with eating and drinking, in the most sensitive and respectful way possible.

When a loved one has Dementia, it will give you peace of mind when you are out that they will be kept safe, and that hazards to safety are limited by your CareChamp caregiver.

Respect, compassion and sensitivity is going to go a long way to making the sense of helplessness a little more bearable for your loved one, and these are qualities that are innate for any CareChamp caregiver.

It’s also essential to remember that although Dementia is robbing your loved one of so much already, they still have a right to have their own beliefs and customs respected.  These are all issues that are an essential part of the training received by CareChamp caregivers.

If you and your family need help in any of these areas, please contact the friendly team at CareChamp in order to create a care plan that will best suit your loved one, and give you the assistance you also deserve under difficult circumstances.