Choose CareChamp high calibre caregivers to help with in-home care for elderly frail people.


Speak to anyone who has had to act as main caregiver for an elderly frail person and you will find that you are not alone in the emotional and physical toll it can take on you.

Everything else falls by the wayside.  Even simple errands such as replenishing the grocery cupboard or the pleasure of having coffee with friends become very difficult.

Whenever you are away from home, you worry about what could happen to a loved one who is frail, especially if Alzheimer’s is also part of the prognosis.

CareChamp has set up the highest standard in home care in South Africa, offering tailored solutions that will assist you in any way possible to give you a break, and to make it possible to get out of the home when you need to.

This could be simply to treat yourself to some alone time, or to catch up on things that fall by the wayside as your responsibilities grow as the family caregiver.

But how does CareChamp go about helping you?

Assessing the level of care required:

CareChamp works in conjunction with professional Nursing Assessors to determine the level of care that will be required for your loved one. This is based on the information you provide them with on first contact.

Professional Nursing Assessments can also be carried on in the home if necessary. Based on the level of care required, a care plan will be created by these Professional Nurses, giving clear direction for caregivers who will be carrying out the actual in-home care.

CareChamp caregiver qualifications:

CareChamp caregivers have health care assistant certificates earned at highly respected NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd. Each Champ also has health and police clearance, and a thorough background check is done by CareChamp management.

CareChamp offers full-time and part-time assistance in the home:

There are tailored solutions for home care that are designed to suit each situation and budget.

Choose the CareChamp caregiver that’ll suit your family member:

CareChamp will send you the profiles of up to five Champs who would be most suited to the needs of your love one: you get to make a personal choice based on the profiles presented to you.

CareChamp takes over all the admin tasks for you:

The management team at CareChamp takes the admin involved in hiring a caregiver out of your hands completely: managing scheduling, payments, GPS check-in and check-out as well as providing you with daily care reports.

Find out more:

Contact the CareChamp management team to find out more about how easy they make the entire process of finding the right caregiver.

They understand that allowing an unfamiliar person into your home is challenging, but CareChamp has made sure you will have the most trusted team of caregivers and companions in Cape Town and throughout South Africa!

For the best in caregivers, companions for the elderly and in-home nursing services at affordable rates, make sure to chat to CareChamp for peace of mind when you have become the sole caregiver for an elderly frail person.