Improve the lives of loved ones with mobility aids & homecare furniture in Cape Town from CareChamp

CareChamp is not limited to offering the highest standard in home based nursing services, caregivers and companions.

This team has also gone all out to provide a comprehensive range of mobility aids and homecare furniture in Cape Town, to make life more comfortable for elderly frail and disabled relatives being cared for at home.

Simple, daily activities that we take for granted as young and healthy individuals, become major challenges for aging, disabled relatives and younger disabled family members.

Physical hygiene is one of the first areas that begin to slip away due to the major challenges presented by toilets, showers and baths that aren’t rigged to make maintaining personal hygiene something that doesn’t require herculean effort for a frail or disabled person.

In the case of someone trapped in a wheel chair, simply using the bathroom becomes an experience that is virtually impossible, and we owe it to our aging loved ones, or loved ones living with a physical disability, to raise their quality of life in every way possible.

It’s also not just about comfort.  It’s about dignity and independence, and holding on to privacy and independence for as long as is possible under the specific circumstances!

After living a full life, raising children and bouncing grandchildren as well as great-grandchildren on their knees, our parents deserve the best that we are able to give them to ease the physical limitations age may place on them.

The one thing that most elderly frail family members have in common is the determination to retain as much of their independence as possible, until the day they finally have to accept that they are no long able to remain independent without the assistance of a caregiver.

The combination of excellent patient care combined with the provision of affordable physical aids, when well-balanced, goes a long way to enabling elderly or disabled people to stay in their own home for as long as possible.

A flexible care plan can be arranged with the management team at CareChamp, so that a good balance is struck between care, where it’s necessary, and the retention of certain areas of independence through the use of mobility aids and furniture for the elderly or disable person.

Among the mobility aids and furniture available online you will find:

·       Wheelchairs

·       Bath stools

·       Toilet seats

·       Shower chairs – wall mounted & shower chair with back and arm rest

·       Commodes

·       Grab bar’s

·       Walker’s

·       Memory foam wheelchair cushions

·       Egg Box Mattresses…and much, much more!

The CareChamp online shop offers an easy experience for those shopping for mobility aids and furniture, with the option of selecting a three month rental option on some of the higher priced products.

Although CareChamp is based in Cape Town, this team delivers all their services, from the best in home caregivers and companions to high quality, affordable mobility aids and furniture throughout all the major centres in South Africa!

Whether you need the helping hand of a thoroughly vetted caregiver, full-time or part-time, or high quality mobility aids and furniture, make sure you call the friendly team of experts at CareChamp today, to make sure your loved one is receiving the very best in care