How Assisted Living Can Help You Build Your Confidence

As people grow older, some become more depend on assistance than others. Sometimes this is voluntary and in other instances, getting help is not out of choice and knock your confidence. This isn’t a permanent state of being as there are many tactics one can try to boost your confidence and realise getting help isn’t as bad as it seems. Here are some tactics you can try:

Don’t Be Shy When Giving Compliments

As your loved one is probably nervous about having assistance, it's important for carers to ensure they offer their patients compliments where possible. These subtle comments can go a long way in encouraging those around you to follow in that behaviour and compliment one another. For some elderly people, they long for company and appreciation, this is just one way to give them the boost they need.

Encourage Your Patients To Socialise

Often when elderly people move into old age homes or assisted living, there’s this great sense of loneliness or a feeling of not belonging. When a carer comes into play, it forms part of their role to ensure they encouraging socialisation amongst the people living there. Of course this may be overwhelming so be sure to start off with getting your patients to engage with just one or two new people a week.

Be Sure To Show Interest In Their Life and Story

To get your patients to open up to you and for them to get comfortable with you, be sure to show an active interest when they’re speaking. Engage in the stories they tell and ask about their past, things they did for fun, what work they did. Get to know your patients on a deeper level to show them you care and are interested in their well-being.

Ask Your Patients About Current News and Events

Another way in which you can get to know your patients is by asking them about current events or life experiences they went through. As everyone has walked through a different path in life, they may have some valuable insights on current matters.

If you’re looking for a way for them to still be in touch with everything going on around them, spend time reading the newspaper with them or watching the news. This’ll assist in enabling patients to engage with other residents on current affairs.

These are just four ways assisted living can benefit you and your confidence. As these ways can all be worked on in conjunction, by doing a little bit daily, you can be sure your patients will slowly but surely come out of their shell and see an improvement in their confidence.

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