Let CareChamp provide you with the highest standard in home based care throughout South Africa.

CareChamp is headed by a management team that have used their own invaluable experience in private hospitals and home nursing placements to put together a portfolio of caregivers and companions for the elderly that have raised the standards of home care definitively, creating a completely new and improved experience of home nursing services in South Africa.

CareChamp provides elderly frail care, disabled care and dementia care to clients in Cape Town from their home base, however, working in conjunction with the top training institution for caregivers in South Africa, Nido Nursing, and CareChamp is able to provide caregivers in all the major centres in South Africa with ease.

Caregivers who are part of the portfolio at CareChamp are all certified, having qualified at Nido Nursing, and also have experience in the field as caregivers in nursing homes and private homes prior to joining the CareChamp team.

Nothing is left to chance by the management team at CareChamp in their commitment to uphold the trust placed in them by clients, and for this it means that each caregiver, companion or nanny in their portfolio has a thorough background check, police clearance and health clearance certificate before they are sent out into the field.

Registered nurses form part of the structure at CareChamp, supporting the caregivers by assisting with the initial assessment of each client, as well as creating care plans to serve all clients and patients to the greatest extent required. 

CareChamp professional home care nurses are available to support caregivers with follow-up visits that may require catheter care, monitoring of vital signs and the administration of medication, as well as wound care and nasogastric tube feeding, among other services.  There is also always a professional nurse available to caregivers who may require guidance and advice while on duty, maintaining a full circle of professionalism and care.

There is no admin for any CareChamp client to handle on their own, this team handles it all for you, from monitoring via GPS the check-in and check-out times of caregivers, to the management of scheduling and payments.  Each client will also receive full Care Reports on a regular basis, and, in order to maintain their high standards, the team at CareChamp also appreciate the feedback of clients as the care plan proceeds.

You may only need a hand a few hours a week in order to get out and about to carry on the business of running a household, or simply as a timeout to get together with friends to maintain the relationships that are important to you outside of the home, and CareChamp offers the flexibility to do just that.

CareChamp has proven their determination to make it easier for elderly frail patients and those that are disabled to remain in the comfort of their own homes or those of their families, by ensuring that each care plan is tailor made to suit the client, and that they offer flexible schedules at affordable rates to make remaining at home a far better option than that of a frail care facility!

Let the team at CareChamp assist you with the best in dementia care, elderly frail care, disabled care, post-operative care or companionship for the elderly, it’s an option well worth exploring for absolute peace of mind where it comes to the care of your loved ones!