CareChamp is home to super-star caregivers and home based nursing services in South Africa!

Disabled care? Dementia care or frail elderly care? Companionship for the elderly? Hospital to home care or wound care? Post-operative care?  If you or a loved one needs assistance in dealing with these challenges at home, CareChamp has a tailored solution that will suit you or your family perfectly!

Home based caregiving is the best choice for anyone wishing to remain in the familiarity, safety and security of their own home when managing on their own becomes too much, and it is also a service that allows families caring for an elderly frail loved one at home to have peace of mind as they go about their daily lives, to carry on working and maintaining the home and family.

A CareChamp caregiver is highly trained, experienced and certified, and, to reassure all clients, each caregiver has the necessary health and police clearance, as well as being insured and fully supported by the experienced management team at all times to meet high standards in carrying out care plans.

CareChamp registered nurses assist with the assessment and drawing up of care plans to suit individual care requirements, which are then passed on to the caregiver chosen by the client, having a clear-cut plan to follow as they carry out their duties with compassion and professionalism.

Each CareChamp caregiver is trusted to contribute to maintaining the security and confidentiality of each client, ensuring that the safety of clients and the security of the home is a top priority, along with an inherent care for the belongings and valuables of each client.

This philosophy of absolute respect extends to remaining cognisant of the basic values of each client, including the right of the client to retain their own beliefs and customs, as well as their inalienable right to make their own choices; these are qualities essential to allowing a stranger into their home.

The ability to communicate clearly and to have excellent interpersonal skills is what makes CareChamp caregivers stand head above shoulders of the rest, and, with ongoing training based on innovative approaches to caregiving, there are few caregiver and home based nursing agencies in Cape Town that can hold a candle to the services offered by CareChamp.

Caregivers from CareChamp are able to assist with everything from bathing in the bathroom or with bed baths to personal hygiene and grooming, which includes hair care, shaving, and mouth care as well as nail care – these are the smaller things that add to the comfort and confidence of any elderly client no longer able to carry out these tasks alone.

Exercising, mobility and the safe lifting or handling of patients is all part of the training and experience each CareChamp caregiver is equipped with, to the extent that, if possible and recommended by the family and health practitioner, the caregiver will assist clients to remain involved in recreational activities. 

Maintaining and meeting nutritional needs, meal preparation or feeding, as well as medication reminders and light housekeeping to keep critical areas hygienically clean are all part of the role a CareChamp caregiver can offer clients.

Should your elderly loved one need a little company in order to remain intellectually stimulated and engaged, just someone on their level who can brighten up their day, CareChamp has a wonderful team of companions who will be there to ease the sense of isolation that can lead to depression and anxiety in elderly frail people who become more and more cut off from the outside world.

Whether it is full time, part time or once or twice a week for a few hours, CareChamp will work closely with you to create a care plan and schedule tailored specifically to your needs and the care requirements of your loved one! 

Please do not hesitate to contact this friendly team, they really are an absolute pleasure to deal with and are always available to alleviate the stress of caring for an elderly frail loved one!