Superb home health care & technology makes access to exceptional caregivers & companions absolute simplicity!

The highly qualified and experienced management team at CareChamp combined their respective areas of expertise in private hospitals and home nursing placements, as well as high level Care Giver training through NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd, with Business Technology and Operational Management to bring a streamlined system into being that would provide an exceptional standard of home nursing services and caregivers easy to access online.

The philosophy behind all that this team does is to enable elderly frail people and disabled people to have access to outstanding patient care, along with all the tools needed to do so successfully, that will allow them to remain in the comfort and security of their own home or the home of a family member.

As a result of the high standard of education and experience expected of all CareChamp caregivers, registered nurses and companions, there is no home based care service in South Africa that can hold a candle to the very best care offered by CareChamp.

You can rest assured that, as difficult as it is to make the decision to allow a stranger into your family home, and to entrust the care of your loved one into their hands,  each caregiver at CareChamp has more than just the highest qualification, they are also insured and fully supported by the CareChamp registered nursing team.

CareChamp caregivers, companions and registered nurses carrying out home based services all have police and health clearance certificates that back up the rigorous background check each team member goes through.

Ongoing training is as natural as breathing at CareChamp, and, as technology advances and great strides are made in the health-care sector for elderly frail people and those with physical and mental disabilities, CareChamp caregivers are encouraged to take a completely innovative approach to each client in order to perfectly align with their care requirements and personalities.

Talking about personalities, once you have contacted CareChamp and decided that you would like to make use of their flexible and affordable services, you will be sent the profile of up to five caregivers so that you are able to select the caregiver who will suit your loved one perfectly to make them feel completely at ease, even under such challenging circumstances.

The management team at CareChamp, Sylvia and Gizelle, work hand in hand with a support team of highly experienced Registered Nursing Professionals who are involved in many aspects of the care programmes, from carrying out home nursing assessments to the creation of care plans to suit every CareChamp client, available to act as support at all times should any caregiver need any support.

 CareChamp home caregiver services are affordable and flexible, making it easy for any family or individual to work out a schedule that not only covers all care requirements but also makes it a lot easier to work within a given budget.

Caregiver and companion services start at a minimum of four hours in a day to fulltime live-in care, so that no matter what type of assistance you or your loved one needs, CareChamp will have a solution to suit everyone perfectly!

Even if you cannot afford full-time care, just a few hours a week will make all the difference to you and your loved one; CareChamp is there to lend a helping hand, and to do it with such compassion and professionalism that their service is unrivalled in South Africa!

Fill in the online form or contact the team, a member of the fantastic support team at CareChamp will be available to assist you through each step that will make life easier for you and comfortable for your loved one!