Choose the best home based care services in South Africa.


For many families deciding to look after a loved one at home, choosing the right home care, either on a part-time or permanent basis, is an important decision.

Most people struggle with the thought of having a stranger in the home, which makes the decision even tougher.  The alternative, that is, trying to do it by yourself, won’t be easy at all, especially if you’re a two-income family.

Worrying about an elderly frail mom or dad at home alone while you’re at work is going to cause anxiety, simply adding to the general stress of daily life.

The ideal solution is to hire a caregiver to stand in for you while you’re out earning an income.  Even if you work from home, you’ll need some assistance in caring for your elderly parent, especially if he or she is suffering from any physical or mental illness.

Finding the right person for the job will more than likely be very difficult if you’re going to be doing it on your own.  You’ll need to do background checks on your own, and references aren’t always accurate, especially if a past employer just wanted to get rid of a caregiver.

Rather than take this route, let the expert management team at CareChamp do it all for you.

They’ll be able to do a far more in-depth background check, as well as make sure that every caregiver has the necessary police and health clearance certificates required for home care.

CareChamp also carefully chooses the best out of a pool of caregivers that have received their training from NIDO Pty Ltd, which offers the highest level of training for caregivers in South Africa.

The courses at NIDO include practical experience in either a hospital retirement village or old age home in preparation for the first steps any caregiver takes into the real world of home care.

As for the challenge of bringing someone you don’t know into your home, CareChamp will choose the right caregivers to suit the care plan and your parent, and send their profiles to you, so that the final choice of caregiver is yours.

It’s essential though, that you provide as much information as possible about your parent, his physical and emotional needs, because it’s this information that’ll determine the care plan to be tailored to meet these needs perfectly.

Here are a few tips that’ll make getting the right care for an elderly frail parent, or one with dementia:

List care needs:

By the time you contact CareChamp, you’ll know exactly what to put on the list regarding the care needs of your parent.  This list is going to make setting up the right care plan so much easier than it would be without it.

List your questions:

It’s always a good idea to have a list of questions you’d like to ask CareChamp when you first contact them. This professional team has an awesome attitude towards everything they do, and assisting you in any way to make the decision easier, by answering all your questions without hesitation, is an absolute pleasure.

At the top of the list of things to think about when considering hiring a caregiver, is the need to share as much information about your parent as possible, especially if he or she is living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

By taking the time to fill a caregiver in on their best memories and any other high points in their lives, an important bond can be forged between your parent and the caregiver.

Please contact CareChamp with any questions you may have, so that your loved one will have the highest level of home based care possible.