Looking for trusted short or long term home care services in South Africa?


If you are, then CareChamp is a Caregivers and Home Based Nursing Agency in Cape Town that’s committed to the highest standard of home care in South Africa!

With this team of caregivers, registered nurses and companions on your side, you’ll be in the hands of caring, passionate professionals who’ll keep your loved one safely at home, surrounded by all that’s familiar.

One of the greatest stumbling blocks for families taking on the responsibility of becoming caregivers to an elderly frail parent is the financial aspect.

Where a family has two breadwinners who’re out all day, what becomes of a frail or disabled parent while they’re gone?

The current economy doesn’t allow for one or the other to give up a job or career, nor does it help at all that the costs associated with frail care facilities are astronomical.

No one wants to place an elderly parent in a facility if it can be helped, and it’s not just about cost, but also quality of care in any facility.

Whether you spend your day worrying about what may be happening with your parent at home, or worry about the level of care they’re receiving in a frail care home, it’s going to boil down to the same level of anxiety.    

We all want our parents to have the reassurance that comes with being cared for by loved ones, and of being able to age as comfortably as possible in familiar surroundings.

CareChamp makes it affordable for families to leave the safety and care of elderly frail or disabled parents in the hands of a highly trained caregiver, while they continue to work.

If you work from home, which many are doing in our age of technology, you may think it’ll be easy, but at some stage you’ll realise that you need help, either to focus or to manage the running of a home.

CareChamp is always available to lend a helping hand to any family or individual caring for a loved one at home.

This team is trusted by customers for providing qualified caregivers, registered nurses and very special people who act as companions to ease the sense of isolation aging can create.

What makes it even easier for families taking on the responsibility of caring for a frail or disabled loved one at home is that help is available whenever it’s needed.

Sometimes all you may need is someone you trust to take over for a few hours while you catch up on the things you need to do, before they start piling up into an unmanageable mess!

If your parent is disabled or very frail and the family wants to go away for a weekend or longer, there has to be someone you can trust to give your parent the compassionate care they deserve while you’re away.

In this case, you can book a caregiver to assist in the short term. Should you need more than just short term home care, CareChamp provides long term care as well.

The management team at CareChamp understand the financial strain that caring for a frail or disabled parent at home can place on families, which is why they’ve gone to great lengths to provide affordable caregiver services in South Africa.

As for the emotional strain that comes with watching a loved one become too frail to care for themselves, CareChamp caregivers and companions shoulder some of this strain in order to give you time to recharge your batteries.

CareChamp has flexible home based care solutions, tailored to suit individual care requirements and to dovetail with the available budget.

Why not give CareChamp a call to find out more about the comprehensive home based services offered by this professional, experienced team to make sure you have backup when you really need it.