When you need help taking care of an aging loved one at home, CareChamp is just a call away!

CareChamp has taken a truly pioneering approach to offering home care services that include dementia care, disabled care, wound care, frail care and more, using technology to streamline their services to the benefit of their clients and to make access to caregivers online a walk in the park.

The CareChamp management team itself has many years’ worth of experience in private hospitals and home nursing placements, making sure that they have also gone through the same high level of caregiver training each member of their team receives through NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd, which is regarded as the highest standard of care giver training in South Africa.

In addition to this, the management team has also had experience in technology businesses that also focus on operational management, which is what makes finding a caregiver online through CareChamp straightforward, streamlined and uncomplicated.

CareChamp has made it their mission to deliver the highest quality in home care services throughout South Africa, although they are currently based in Cape Town, they are able to service all major centres nationwide in conjunction with NIDO Nursing, which ensures the same standard of care no matter where you are based.

This team also understands how much of a challenge it is to bring a stranger into your home to care for an elderly loved on in need of frail care, dementia care or disabled care, and they make it as easy as possible to involve you completely in the process of finding the right caregiver to suit your loved one through their online portfolio.

This CareChamp online portfolio also gives you access to information about companions for the aged, trainee caregivers and registered nurses, listing the basics of the role that each is able to play in caring for your loved one in the comfort of their home, or in yours, if that is the decision that has been made.

It’s also great to know that any caregiver, companion or registered nurse recommended by CareChamp comes with a level of trust that is backed by in-depth background investigation as well as police and health clearance, and, although each member of the CareChamp team has the prerequisite qualifications and experience, consistent training is considered an essential part of the ongoing success been achieved by CareChamp.

CareChamp has also expanded their services to include child care, which is of the same standard as any other service you can expect from this team – these are passionate people who have made it their life’s goal to offer assistance and comfort in very challenging circumstances, and it is their intuitive, compassionate and innovative approach to every person they care for, whether it is an elderly frail client or a child, that ensures experienced care that can be trusted!

No matter what type of care arrangement you work out with CareChamp, or how flexible you need it to be, this team will find a way to assist you in making informed decisions that will make the life of your loved one comfortable and safe at home!

There is nothing to lose by simply filling in the online contact form, calling the team or chatting to a CareChamp member online, it will give you a great starting place towards making life a lot easier for your loved one!