Look no further than CareChamp for the best home-based care for elderly people living at home!

Looking for the best caregivers and companions in South Africa for elderly, frail or disabled people who wish to stay in their own home?  Look no further than CareChamp!

CareChamp offers safe and secure top quality home-based services via an online platform that gives you access to caregivers who are fully qualified, supported by a registered nursing team who work with the CareChamp management team and clients to create a care plan that meets individual client requirements.

CareChamp also offers the services of companions for elderly people who are no longer able to get out and about, bringing in much needed intellectual and emotional support to lessen any sense of isolation that comes with a loss of independence.

The management team at CareChamp is committed to providing flexible and affordable solutions that assist clients to age in place, surrounded by all that is familiar to them, instead of being placed in the unfamiliar and impersonal environment of a care facility.

And it's not just in patient care that CareChamp excels along with their exceptional team of Champs, they have also made it easy to rent or buy various mobility aids and home-care furniture that will improve your quality of life or that of your elderly, frail loved one!

CareChamp has a philosophy that centres on ongoing training for their Champs, fostering an open channel of honest and open communication, between the CareChamp management team and their Champs, as well as between clients and CareChamp.

Mindfulness of the home and environment of each client is part of being a Champ, and part of the philosophy at CareChamp is also to challenge and encourage each caregiver to be innovative in their approach to making life more comfortable for seniors and those living with disabilities.

When you choose CareChamp caregivers and companions, you choose peace of mind and quality of life for the whole family!