Try engaging in activities that keep you connected to your loved one suffering from dementia.

It feels as if your beloved parent or close family member is slipping away from you as you try to negotiate the world of dementia.  It is especially hard to find ways of maintaining a connection with them but there are simple ways of helping to sustain your relationship and keep your loved one involved.

Watch an old movie with our loved one that will remind them of a time when they felt confident and comfortable, especially in a fast-paced technological world that becomes increasingly unfamiliar for seniors.  It’s a simple activity but it reduces anxiety, aggression, agitation and apathy, which are common symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s.

Following a simple daily or weekly routine will have a positive impact on your aging loved one’s quality of life.  If they know that you will go out for tea every Sunday and it is a standing date, it will help to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

As the symptoms of dementia increase, the simplest of activities, like taking a short scenic drive or a trip through the old neighbourhood will be a welcome break for your loved one.  Take a picnic basket with and feed the ducks, it all helps towards alleviating depression and anxiety.

Talk about the music your loved one enjoyed, who their favourite artist was and what the most popular dances were in the good old days or who some of their dance partners were, make sure to invest in some of their favourite tunes, music is wonderful therapy!  Let your loved one teach you a few steps, you’ll both have fun!

It is going to take effort on your part to find activities to share with a love one suffering from dementia, the ability to select their own activities and follow through with them gets lost along the way, it will be up to you to initiate the things you know will keep your loved one as connected and engaged as possible.

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