CareChamp simplifies home-based care for the elderly and frail via a streamlined online platform.

CareChamp is an online platform that connects qualified caregivers with elderly people who are no longer able to cope on their own at home, but still want to remain comfortably safe in familiar surroundings, or for families who elect to look after elderly frail parents in their homes without having to turn to outside care facilities.

Offering short and long-term home-based care to the elderly, frail and disabled in Cape Town, which is their home base, as well as in other main centres throughout South Africa, in partnership with NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd, CareChamp has earned an excellent reputation for professional, high quality home-based care that is trusted to maintain an exceptionally high standard in home-based caregiving.

The whole experience with CareChamp is designed to be user-friendly, from the descriptions of the services offered by their qualified caregivers, registered nurses, companions for the elderly to those of nannies fully trained in first-aid for child care.

CareChamp has revolutionised access to home-based nursing services and caregivers, giving clients an online platform that makes booking processes and administrative tasks simple; in essence, the management team at CareChamp takes care of everything from scheduling and automated payments, to maintaining time tracking of check-in and check-out times via GPS.

In order to maintain the high standard of home-based care that is unwavering at CareChamp, clients are encouraged to rate their caregivers, while regular care reports are generated and sent to clients throughout the care period in order to encourage and maintain an open line of communication between CareChamp and client.

What makes CareChamp really special is you are able to find out a little more about the personality of each Champ and the individual behind the smile and qualifications in their online portfolio.

Once the CareChamp management team has the information needed regarding your care requirements, they will send you the top five most suitable profiles via email to help you feel comfortable about making your personal choice of caregiver.

All Champs have police and health clearance certificates, along with in-depth background checks, insured with medical malpractice cover via CareChamp's group insurance, making this an online home-based care platform that is trusted to maintain an unrivalled level of safety and security for clients in the comfort of their own home!