What can CareChamp Companions do to assist homebound elderly people?

Fully screened and vetted companions from the CareChamp portfolio of home care services do just what the name implies; they provide company for people who are elderly and frail, or living with Alzheimer’s and unable to get out and about anymore.

CareChamp Companions are mostly retired from a professional career, most often linked to the healthcare sector, or people who work part-time and still want to add what they consider to be immense value to their free time by spending it in a meaningful way.

Isolation is something that most previously active elderly or frail people experience when their lives seem to get a little smaller every day, and where an extra set of hands, eyes and feet would make a real difference to their sense of isolation. Home Companions also give families peace of mind knowing that when they can’t be there, their loved one is in good hands.

Companions from CareChamp are able to assist with the following:

·        Motivate and intellectually stimulate your loved one in companionable conversation.

·        Manage the household where required.

·        Assist with activities that will engage your loved one and add value to their daily life, even if it is just for a couple of hours a week.

CareChamp Companions are ideal for those who spend much of their time alone and may need some assistance with basic daily tasks at home, which also allows family members the time to work or handle other activities – or to simply take a few hours of respite, knowing that their loved one has company and some supervision.

There are also the valuable social benefits that come with a decrease in isolation and improvement in the quality of life for your elderly frail loved one, and finding the right companion will not be difficult with the assistance of the team at CareChamp.

If you need the assistance of a companion for an elderly family member or friend, CareChamp will provide you with tailor made solutions at affordable rates to ensure that your loved one does not suffer in isolation.  CareChamp also offers the highest level in highly trained, fully vetted caregivers, nannies and registered nurses, providing a fully comprehensive range of home care services