Are you struggling to balance the demands in your life while taking care of an elderly loved one?

The concern about the safety and health of your frail or older family member at home can literally consume your thoughts, which makes it very difficult for you to focus on other important demands you may have in your life.

Studies show that most frail and elderly people are choosing to live at home, and while a lot of families take on the responsibility themselves to care for their loved one at home, a large percentage of families are opting for caregiver assistance, or, at the very least, having a caregiver they have chosen from an agency such as CareChamp to come in and give family caregivers a break.

It may just be a couple of hours a week a few times per week, and perhaps even on a weekend, whichever it is, when you need to find someone you can trust with the care of your frail or elderly loved one, CareChamp swoops in to lend a hand.  Even if all you need is a break in which to catch your breath, knowing that you have the services of a professional, highly trained caregiver available to assist will offer you the time-out you need.

If your family member requires regular assistance with health care needs, CareChamp has a team able to provide a range of medical services, such as medication services, physical therapy and nursing assistance.

CareChamp registered nurses are available to assist with initial assessment of each client and setting up the right care plan for clients, providing wound care assistance as well as being a sound platform for any advice required by caregivers.

Should your loved one need help with daily activities and personal care, such as bathroom assistance, medication reminders, a little light housekeeping to maintain the hygiene in critical areas or with mobility and exercises, a well trained caregiver from CareChamp will perfectly suit you.

Find out more about what CareChamp can do to assist you with home care for your loved one here and exactly how it works in order to make sure your loved one is in the care of trusted professionals!