A winning combination of home health care and technology offered by CareChamp.

It is never an easy decision to invite a stranger into your home to take care of a loved one who may require frail care, dementia care or assistance due to disabilities, but by choosing CareChamp caregivers you will be hiring highly trained home care assistants who are held to the highest standards by the management team at CareChamp.

Caregivers and home nursing assistants from CareChamp have all earned their Health Care Assistant Certificates through exceptional training from NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd, and also receive ongoing training from CareChamp in order to keep up with the latest developments in caregiving and home nursing assistance.

All members of the CareChamp team go through a process of receiving health clearance and police clearance certificates, as well as undergoing an in-depth background check.  All of these certificates and clearances are aimed at assuring clients that their loved ones will be in the care of caregivers that can be trusted and relied on to keep your loved one safe and cared for in the comfort of their own home.

The CareChamp team will assess the level of care you may require, and based on this information the team will send through the profiles of five carefully selected caregivers ideal for your care requirements, giving you the opportunity to make your own choice of caregiver from the profiles emailed to you.

Non-medical services are performed by certified caregivers and home nursing assistants, however, CareChamp also has registered nurses available to assist in the creation of an appropriate care plan and schedule once an initial assessment is carried out.  These CareChamp registered nurses are also available to offer medical services such as the management of medication, wound care and other related services.

Contact CareChamp to plan the best possible care to keep your loved one safe and secure in the comfort of their home in complete confidence, knowing that you are able to rely on a highly trained, compassionate caregiver for the best in home care assistance.