High quality caregivers make it easy for loved ones to remain safely in their family home.

CareChamp has gone to great lengths to offer a high quality home care service that makes it possible for elderly frail people to continue living in the comfort and security of their own homes with the assistance of highly trained caregivers.

The prohibitive cost of care facilities has brought about a major change in the approach of families who are in need of assistance in the caring for a loved one who needs frail care, disability care or dementia care. 

Employing a registered and trained caregiver through a reputable home based care service such as CareChamp has become a safe and affordable option, allowing families peace of mind where it comes to the care of their loved ones or friends who feel more comfortable in the familiar surroundings of their own home or in the homes of their families.

Isolation is another aspect that affects the elderly, especially for those who have chosen to stay in their own home, and in order to bring a little light into lives that have become lonely, CareChamp offers the services of caring and compassionate companions who offer companionship and mentally stimulating conversation, as well as encouragement to engage the client in other interests.

All members of the caring team at CareChamp have gone through thorough background checks, are all in possession of the necessary qualifications either as caregivers, or, as in the case of CareChamp companions are retired teachers or professionals who have had experience in caring for others over many years.

The caregiver, home nursing and companion services offered by CareChamp are flexible and affordable, allowing for tailor made solutions to suit specific care requirements of each client, depending on the circumstances.

CareChamp caregivers, home nursing assistants and companions all have police clearance and health certificates to give families peace of mind about bringing a member of this exceptional team into their homes and the lives of their loved ones.  It is a simple process to ensure the highest standard of home care for a loved one on either a full time or part-time basis when you call on CareChamp to lend you a hand.