‘Hospital to homecare’ from CareChamp makes all the difference to a safe recovery in your own home.


CareChamp is here to support you and your family to remain in the comfort and security of your own home in every instance where home care assistance becomes a necessity.  By providing highly trained home care assistants to play a vital role in assisting with general home care, companionship, dementia care, disabled care as well as post-operative and ‘hospital to home’ care, CareChamp has put together a range of flexible and affordable packages designed to make home care a simple and transparent process.

In terms of ‘hospital to home’ care and post-operative care, CareChamp will provide you with a skilled caregiver to offer essential support during what is more often than not a very stressful time formost families and individuals.  The most critical and vulnerable time for any patient is in the first 72 hours following a hospital stay or procedure.  Changes to daily habits such as medication, new meal regimes and rehab exercises will be of infinite importance during this period for a well managed recovery.

The vital role a trusted CareChamp caregiver plays will be in careful monitoring of the healing process which includes reminders about medication, meals and any rehabilitation exercises which may be required, as well as offering the kind of emotional support that every human being needs during the process of recovery.

While family members may wish to fulfil the role of caregiver for a recently hospitalised loved one, the burden on an untrained caregiver can lead to symptoms of depression as the reality of the added responsibility and stress begins to settle in, and this is where the highly trained and compassionate CareChamp caregivers step in, bringing well earned relief to family members involved in the vital recovery period.

Let the CareChamp team provide a well coordinated care plan in order to assist in the recovery process of your loved one during the critical period following hospital discharge in order to relieve the strain on your family!