Affordable solutions tailored to meet all your personal needs for trusted home care in South Africa.



Knowing that CareChamp keeps the line of communication wide open between clients and caregivers out in the field is your assurance that the management team at CareChamp work closely with their Champs to provide you with the very best in homecare in South Africa.

Attentive and caring, Champs are chosen for their abilities to be truly mindful at all times of the home environment in which they care for their client and to always respect their wishes, with detailed care reports drawn up before they leave their shift, enabling CareChamp to work as a team to ensure the client is receiving the best possible care.

Ongoing training is the norm for caregivers and certified home care assistants who make up the CareChamp portfolio of Champs, driven by a pioneering spirit created as a challenge to Champs to make you or your loved one feel completely comfortable by taking an innovative approach to the individual care requirements of each client.

Determined to raise the bar in home care services in South Africa, CareChamp uses an extensive knowledge of technology to provide nothing less than world class service delivery to all the main centres in South Africa from their home base in Cape Town.

Ensuring that each caregiver joining the team at CareChamp has received the highest standard of Care Giver training through NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd and with strict background checks in place, the CareChamp management team make it as easy as possible for you to feel comfortable with your choice of caregiver who will become part of daily life in your home.

Contact the management team at CareChamp with your care requirements and they will gladly work out an affordable, flexible solution tailored to meet all your personal needs for trusted home care.