CareChamp provides home care services tailored to meet your care requirements, schedule & budget.

CareChamp is an online provider of caregivers and home care services for elderly, frail and disabled clients who do not wish to leave the comfort, security and familiarity of their own home when it becomes difficult to negotiate daily routines, or get around, as easily as they are used to.

The management team at CareChamp decided to find the simplest way to make home care and caregiving services easily available to families in Cape Town and throughout South Africa, committed to raising the bar in offering a service that provides caregivers, home nursing services, companions and nannies with the highest level of qualifications, specific to the roles each plays in caring for clients.

Bringing a winning combination of many years’ worth of experience to the table is what drives the management team at CareChamp to ensure that every service offered by this team, and the Champs who are out in the field caring for clients, is nothing short of the very best available!

Both Sylvia and Gizelle remain intimately involved in setting up care schedules, maintaining close contact with all the team members who are carrying out the home nursing services, as well as ensuring an open and transparent channel of communication with each client at all times.

Having their own background in private hospitals, home nursing placements and high quality Care Giver training through Nido Nursing (Pty) Ltd, and then adding their experience in Business Technology and Operational Management, the CareChamp management team has created a completely streamlined system that keeps everything flowing smoothly, on every front.

Along with Professional Nursing Executives and Assessors nationwide, case managers and expertly trained general and marketing assistants, CareChamp, although based in Cape Town, is able to offer the best in home nursing services and caregiving in all major centres.

The fact that CareChamp has perfectly synced home based care with technology means that communicating your care needs with this team is an absolutely stress-free experience.

Once your care requirements, or those of a loved one have been assessed, which, if necessary will be done by a CareChamp Registered Nurse, a care plan will be drawn up, according to the flexibility you need and your budget, although, considering the affordable rates offered by CareChamp in order to make home based care available to more and more seniors and those living with disabilities, this should not be too difficult.

CareChamp also takes care of all the administrative headaches you would otherwise have to deal with when employing an individual in your home, and the really important role they play is in the fact that every Champ, whether they are a caregiver, companion or nanny Champ, is taken through a thorough background check, have the right level of certification and experience, and also have police and health clearance certificates.

This is all done based on the fact that the team at CareChamp fully understand the reservations that clients may have about bringing a stranger into their home to care for a loved one, however, rest assured that you will also ultimately be able to make your own choice of caregiver, companion or nanny based on the profiles the management team will send once a care program has been set up.

The reasons for needing to engage the services of home care services are myriad, and CareChamp has put together a fully comprehensive list of services to meet the specifics of any client, whether it is for frail care, dementia care, disabled care, child care and so much more – all it takes is for you to contact the CareChamp team today to find out about how they can help to make a difference in the life of your elderly loved one with a perfectly tailored care plan, and bring you the peace of mind you deserve in challenging circumstances!