Relieve the stress of caring for your loved one at home by contacting CareChamp.


With a team of home care assistants who are available to assist in caring for elderly or disabled members of your family who wish to remain in the comfort of their own home, CareChamp has made access to home care as flexible as you need it to be, whether it is in the long term or just a few hours a day, there will always be a ‘Champ’ available to suit your care requirements and schedule.

With registered nurses on the team as well, CareChamp is able to provide home nursing services that may be required for the management of special care interventions, medication, and wound care among other medical services that may be required.

When activities such as moving around without assistance, personal hygiene or eating become unmanageable for your family member, CareChamp will guide you to the most suitable home care assistant who will meet all these requirements in a compassionate and caring manner.  CareChamp also ensures that there is ongoing training provided for their ‘Champs’ in order to sustain their commitment to providing the highest standard of homecare in South Africa.

No matter what the circumstances are, it is always stressful when it comes to having to choose the right homecare assistant into the privacy of your own home, which is why CareChamp is highly selective about who joins their team of home care ‘Champs’, making sure that not only are qualifications above standard but that each ‘Champ’ has been rigorously vetted.

CareChamp will provide you with a home care assistant who is able to attend to and assist with the physical needs of a frail or disabled loved one as well as doing all they can to make a positive impact on the quality of life your loved one is experiencing due to aging or disabilities.

Relieve the stress of caring for your loved one at home by contacting CareChamp to meet their exceptional team of home care assistants and companions.