Quality care at home means increased quality of life for the elderly.

It’s an inescapable fact that as we age, many of the activities in and outside of the home become more than just challenging, they become a battle for retaining any independence, no matter how hard it may be.

How to ease the pressure of caring for an aging parent at home

Isolation is the enemy that creeps in to the lives of the elderly very stealthily, so quietly in fact, that as the small things that speak of self-reliance and independence start slipping away, the decline cannot be ignored.

Call on CareChamp to lend a helping hand in caring for an aging parent at home.

Words and expressions such as safety, security, trust, high level of qualification and experience, confidentiality and exceptional care, are what have made CareChamp the leading caregivers and home based nursing agency in Cape Town.

Mobility aids & beds for sale or rental in Cape Town, South Africa.

CareChamp offers the highest standard in home care for elder and disabled people, making it easier for them to stay in the comfort and security of their own homes.

Types of home care services offered by CareChamp.

CareChamp provides a full range of home care services that are carried out by qualified, highly trained caregivers in South Africa, supported by registered nurses available to assist in the care of clients.

Tips on caring for someone with Alzheimer’s at home.

Being the caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s at home is not easy, on many levels, physically and emotionally. This counts for both the person living with Alzheimer’s and the caregiver.

Early signs of Alzheimer’s disease to be on the lookout for in your elderly parent.

As we age, we all start getting a bit forgetful, it’s just one of those things.  You might forget the date for a while but then remember later, or sometimes get a bit lost for words that are familiar, only to recapture them later in a conversation.

Choose the best home based care services in South Africa.

For many families deciding to look after a loved one at home, choosing the right home care, either on a part-time or permanent basis, is an important decision.

Here's How Dementia Care Can Help People with Dementia Stay at Home for Longer

Being diagnosed with dementia is never easy and one of the first things that come to mind is that you'll have to give up the freedom of living on your own. But the truth is that dementia is experienced differently by everyone and so is the rate at which symptoms become worse. With the right support and care, it is possible to live independently for many years.

8 Reasons to Consider Post Surgery Care

Some surgeries like hip or knee replacements, spinal surgery or cardiovascular surgery require extended periods of recovery time and more often than not the care of qualified medical carers. Due to the severity of the surgery, the recipient is often unable to take care of themselves resulting in them having to stay in a care facility. Since recovery can take anything from a few weeks to a few months, it can be quite disruptive to their lives, not to even imagine the costs involved.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Caring for Elderly Parents at Home

Taking care of an elderly parent or family member can be both rewarding but frustrating. While it offers the opportunity to stay close to and take good care of your loved one, it's also extremely stressful both physically and mentally.

Looking for trusted short or long term home care services in South Africa?

If you are, then CareChamp is a Caregivers and Home Based Nursing Agency in Cape Town that’s committed to the highest standard of home care in South Africa!

With this team of caregivers, registered nurses and companions on your side, you’ll be in the hands of caring, passionate professionals who’ll keep your loved one safely at home, surrounded by all that’s familiar.

CareChamp & their Partner Services offer comprehensive home based services for the elderly.

CareChamp is a trusted name in frail care, disabled care, dementia care and post-operative care in South Africa, operating out of their head office in Cape Town.

Recommendations from clients are as glowing as the smiles of warmth that radiate from the caregivers and companions themselves!

It takes a very special person to answer the calling to be of service to others, and the management team at CareChamp has made sure that they’ve scooped the best of these angels!

Let Certified Home Based professionals provide dementia care for a loved one living at home.

If you’re a family member and caregiver to a loved one with dementia, you’re going to need as much help as you can get to cope with watching a parent begin to lose touch with reality.

Your parent will know that they’re no longer able to function mentally as they did before, which is going to lead to an initial sense of vulnerability in the face of the sheer loss of these abilities.

CareChamp takes a multi-faceted approach to frail care for people living at home.

To the management team and caregivers at CareChamp, frail care is about far more than tending to the physical needs of elderly people.

They take an approach that goes far deeper than merely providing assistance with day to day functions for the frail.

Professional Caregivers for Cancer Patients

Becoming a specialised caregiver in certain illnesses results in you needing to increase your knowledge not only around the illness but also on ways in which you can be efficient in your job. Caregivers become extended family members as they are involved in the day to day activities of loved ones who need additional support. If you’re looking for someone to assist you for a family member who is suffering from cancer, here are some things you should know.