WHAT: "DEMENTIA CONNECTIONS" WORKSHOPS IN CAPE TOWN taking place fortnightly over 8 weeks - for a total of 10 hours. The workshops are taking place in small groups (maximum 7 participants) and are aimed at Family Members of Elders suffering from Dementia.

Emotional resilience for those who care by Alice Ashwell, PhD.

"Recent research in the UK revealed that about 40% of family members caring for a person with dementia developed anxiety or depression, which often led to burnout, ill health, and a breakdown in care for that person. My mother lived with dementia for 15 years. I know how that feels. And I also know that some very simple calming practices, insights and skills can transform the dementia journey for you as they did for me.

How to know your aging parents need help?

How will you know when your parents need assistance, and that something might be wrong with them? One thing for sure is they won't tell you.